Lessons In The Ladder Days

Lessons From Ukraine, Part 1

March 27, 2022 Candace Long
Lessons In The Ladder Days
Lessons From Ukraine, Part 1
Show Notes

(Note: Originally released in March, 2022 - but very relevant today!)

I first explain my absence in writing new episodes during the last six weeks.  It wasn't because nothing was going on!  I have been completing two important projects which I tell you about.

In this episode, I begin unpacking the lessons we must ponder concerning Russia's war with Ukraine. 

Here's What You'll Learn:

  • The matter of Border Security and "where was God" while the invasion was going on?
  • The significant timetable of the invasion.
  • The shift in money and political power.
  • The two simultaneous wars going on.

I conclude Part 1 with the very serious consequences the United States finds ourselves in...and end with an appeal for you to consider my new online course, Journey to the Center of You,  created to help you find your destined place while all this unfolds on the world stage.  (See below)

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