Lessons In The Ladder Days

"Why Is Your Teaching So Different?"

October 30, 2022 Candace Long
Lessons In The Ladder Days
"Why Is Your Teaching So Different?"
Show Notes

The title of this episode is the question a lot of people ask me…so I decided to try to explain what makes my teaching different.  This was inspired by a Spiritual Intelligence Briefing that I held in my area and opened it up to the public.  The specific topic I was teaching about was "How Close Are We To The Kingdom?"

The attendance and the response far exceeded my expectations...but like always, many in the audience were blown away by the teaching, saying, "This is so different from what other people are teaching about the last days.  I'm overwhelmed by it all!"

Here's what you'll learn:

  • The two things that makes my teaching different:  1) A hidden curriculum I somehow tapped into that most Christians don't know even exists; and 2) A  God-given aptitude of "hearing inspired revelation and ideas" that developed during my years of consulting in the business sector.  
  • How YOU can grow in this "hearing" aptitude.
  • Where you can access this hidden curriculum.
  • Links (below) to important resources to kickstart your own growth in this area.

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JEWISH ROOTS:  God's Call To Reconnect - monograph by Candace L. Long.

The Ancient Path to Creativity and Innovation: Where Left and Right Brains Meet - book by Candace L. Long.

Spiritual Intelligence Briefing: "How Close Are We To The Kingdom?" (64-minute instructional teaching)