Lessons In The Ladder Days

The Hidden Signal in the Month of Nissan, Part 2 (Signals Messiah's Return)

May 04, 2023 Candace Long
Lessons In The Ladder Days
The Hidden Signal in the Month of Nissan, Part 2 (Signals Messiah's Return)
Show Notes

When constructing a difficult, dangerous road, a good builder puts road signs along the way warning travelers where the rough places are and how to navigate through them. 
The final 12-month period leading to the Kingdom is such a road.  It is the most difficult journey we will ever take - but one I believe we will take in our lifetime.

God, in His graciousness, has revealed this road and the three (3) cataclysmic events that signal we are on it.  This road is hidden deep within the Torah…waiting to enlighten and instruct those who seek direction there.

In Part 1, we saw how God used the Hebrew month of Nissan to signal the coming Messiah.  In Part 2, you will learn how God uses the exact same day to signal we have 12-months left to His return.

Here's what you'll learn:

  • How to identify the beginning of this final year.
  • How God hid this important signal in the book of Numbers.
  • How to spot a tavneet (a multi-layered Picture of things to come) and understand what it means metaphorically.
  • The three major events that happened to the Jews in their final year and the lessons meant to keep us safe during our final 12-months.
  • How the callings of both Jesus and Moses are critical to our safe passage.
  • How close we really are to that Day!
  • How to connect better with your Jewish roots.

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