Lessons In The Ladder Days

TORAH 101: The Way God Disciplines, Part 2 (The Warnings)

May 26, 2023 Candace Long
Lessons In The Ladder Days
TORAH 101: The Way God Disciplines, Part 2 (The Warnings)
Show Notes

This episode concludes this 2-part series and expounds the sobering way God disciplines His people when they turn away from Him.

We go deeper into the Mishpatim, the judiciary record of divine law, as taught in the Torah.  Though God promises incredible blessings, these are predicated upon specific actions He expects His people to fulfill as their part of the betrothal covenant at Mt. Sinai.  As you will hear, these expectations do not apply simply to Jews - but to all who say they are grafted into Israel.   

Here's what you'll learn:

  • Why God spends so much time issuing warnings and admonitions.
  • What we do to trigger these punishments in our lives.
  • An example of middah knegged middah (measure for measure discipline) in my own life and the door I opened to bring it about.
  • The 7 progressive steps of spiritual defection that bring about biblical discipline.
  • The 5 series of punishments God outlines in the Torah.
  • How this pattern was fulfilled twice by Israel and will be fulfilled again during the 7-year Birthpangs (Tribulation).
  • Where in the 5 series of punishments the USA finds itself and the judgments that await if we do not turn back to God.  
  • What we can do individually and as families to protect ourselves even in the face of national judgment. 
  • Study tools and resources to help you study the Torah and apply it to your life as a Gentile.
  • How to connect to your Jewish roots without feeling overwhelmed.

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