Lessons In The Ladder Days

Follow The Money, Part 1 (The Players Behind the Global Financial Crisis)

January 21, 2022 Candace Long
Lessons In The Ladder Days
Follow The Money, Part 1 (The Players Behind the Global Financial Crisis)
Show Notes

This episode introduces you to some of the Players of the world's Elite who are orchestrating the financial piece of the final kingdom better known today as the New World Order.

Their goal is to bring about ONE MONEY…ONE WORLD…ONE ORDER.

We need to know who are the Elite really are,  what they are like, and what they are planning.  The goal is to be able to recognize the signs as they unfold – and see them through a biblical lens.  This will give us wisdom in ways to protect ourselves and loved ones.  The Lord wants us to "be wise as serpents" – but today's "serpents" never sleep!

You'll learn some of the key players performing on today's global financial stage.  You'll also hear insights about the nature of the Elite from a humble man of God who was sent on a divine assignment to work with them for years and observe their dealings up close. 

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